About Filigrantræ®


In our family we really appreciate Christmastime and we always look forward to Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, the enjoyment of Christmas tree is very short as needles quickly fall off. We wish that the Christmas tree could stand inside throughout December. The background we started making the Filigrantræ, was on a cold and clear November evening. After several drawings and developments our Christmas tree became Filigrantræ.

Our children Sille and Frederik are extremely excited about our Filigrantræ. In our home the Filigrantræ is used as an advent´s calendar, carrying daily presents during December. The Filigrantræ is also used by people who are allergic to pine needles. The tree is sustainable and aesthetic. It can be taken apart and reused year after year.

Trine Find

Architect maa


Filigrantræ is handmade, design registered and produced in Denmark. 

Filigrantræ took part in Danish Crafts Collection CC14, CC15 and CC16.


"keep it simple"

Trine Find works principally with wood and her process of her work often starts with handdrawn sketches, and then continues with a series of full-scale models.

Trine Find trained as an architect at the Aarhus School of Architecture. It can clearly be seen from her products that she has a fondness for nature and is inspired by the minimalist Nordic form language.